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The Fun Crew
Mentone Virtual Pop-up Shop - Huge Indoor plant sale Tickets, Sat, Apr 4, 2020 at 8:00 AM | Eventbrite Move over rover, The Jungle’s Going VIRTUAL!!!   We’re super excited to Introduce the one and only Corona Virus sidestepping Planty fix - The World’s first ever Jungle Pop-up Virtual Sale!! Yes planty peeps you heard correct (such a sexy idea, I’m surprised we didn’t think of it years ago!). The Plants MUST go on!!! Take that you pesky Virus!!   With the impending isolation looming never has it been more important to create a healthy and relaxed environment at home whilst keeping yourself busy, well plants have got your back and so do we! So How Does it Work? 1. WANT EARLY BIRD ACCESS? – Jump on Eventbrite from 12 pm Monday 30th March. Registering for the event will grant you VIP access an two hours before everyone else. Stock will be limited so you’re gonna really want VIP access!  We have split this into  8-9am or 9-10am access.  2. REVISIT OUR WEBISTE ON SATURDAY - Our ‘virtual store’ can be accessed from this page on Saturday 4th April. If you have registered for VIP access, the store opens at 8 am or 9am. For non-ticket holders, you’re locked out until 10 am. The Shop will be launched here at 10am- 3. DELIVERY – Buy up your plants ‘virtually’ and place your orders through our secure checkout until 8 pm on Sunday 5th April. Delivery will then be the week after next due to Easter. We’ll have more info about this at check-out! I’M FROM ANOTHER CITY, WHY CAN’T I ACCESS THE ONLINE STORE AT THE SAME TIME? We normally do our physical pop-ups on different weekends across different cities, and our virtual pop-ups are no different. Unfortunately, we are still the same size team so can only cater to a few areas at a time. But hey, it’s early days. We're hoping that if this is successful we might be able to increase the frequency of the virtual pop-ups. Please help share the word of The Jungle Collective and invite any friends that you think might be interested in coming along. Feel free to follow us on Facebook for style and inspo updates! – The Jungle Collective

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The Fun Crew
VCE Biology Units 3&4 - Online Live Stream Lecture Tickets, Sat 04/04/2020 at 10:00 am | Eventbrite ABOUT ATAR NOTES LIVE STREAM LECTURES Since 2015, ATAR Notes has delivered more than 500 free lectures in Victoria alone, helping thousands of students with their studies. This April, we are running live-streamed lectures online, giving you the flexibility to learn from the best from the comfort of your own home. You should register for all of your subjects on offer - there are dozens of subjects available. WHY YOU SHOULD REGISTER Registering for this lecture will give you an advantage over other students. It can help by giving you: → Exclusive access to the online live stream→ An overview of important content and topics to be aware of→ Explanations of tricky areas so you don't fall behind in class→ More confidence in tackling the subject in 2020→ Top tips and tricks for the best ways to study and revise for SACs→ The chance to learn from one of VCE's best tutors This live stream is totally free, interactive, and super convenient - you can tune in from anywhere with an internet connection. But only if you register! WHAT TO EXPECT This live-streamed lecture is designed to help you smash Biology Units 3&4 through Term 2 and beyond. Focusing on key content from the study design, this lecture will run you through what you need to know, plus tips and tricks from a past high-achiever. Those who register will receive an exclusive link to the lecture stream, providing them with access to the live lecture, the chance to ask their lecturer questions, and an opportunity to get ahead. ACCESSING THE LECTURE Assuming you have registered, you will receive an email 30 minutes prior to the lecture containing a link to the lecture live stream.Clicking on the link will take you to the "waiting room" (if you click on it before the lecture starts), or the lecture itself (if you click on it after the start time).Once the lecture begins, the page will update (or you may need to refresh).If you register shortly before the lecture, the link may instead be contained in the confirmation email. ABOUT YOUR LECTURER You're in good hands with Michael. Graduating with a 99+ ATAR, including a 46 raw in Biology, you might actually say you're in great hands. With a 40+ study score in English Language, Further Maths and Maths Methods, Michael studied a range of subjects at VCE level and has unique perspectives to study as a result. He now studies at the University of Melbourne, and tutors Biology and English Language at TuteSmart. This online lecture is not one to be missed. Find your subjects, tell your friends, and make sure you claim your free tickets ASAP!